Friday, March 24, 2006

Google Finance

Google Finance was released! Now, Google got its own sword to fight Yahoo Finance and MSN Money, although the two are still the most popular financial sites (probably in North America?). I was excited because I saw its prototype when I was interning at Bangalore office. Part of my code has been integrated in Google Finance. Yeehaaa!

I was wondering if the company would localize Google Finance. While people are trading financial products globally, there are local preferences. For instance, in Singapore, a popular site for trading unit trusts (or mutual funds) is Fundsupermart. I think most of local people here may be more interested in the funds that are traded on that site, rather than those, even hot, in other markets.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

First post

Hooray !!!

In the past couple weeks, I've been perhaps the idlest guy in my team. As I'm approaching the submission of my thesis, I don't have much to do with new projects, paper deadlines, due presentations ... I'm just waiting for the feedback from my advisors on the thesis draft.

HOWEVER, I really did something BIG -- I got a domain name for my own (, got a place to host my new home page, got my personal page (mainly for photos so far, haven't got a clear idea to do with it), and got this blog ready to go. The reason to get a paid hosted home page is that Google seems not to provide home page hosting for employees coz I've seen a lot of googlers have their pages hosted with quite different domains. It's not that good for us researchers. Imagine you go to a conference and exchange your cards with others. You see others' home pages are usually or My home page is only about my name. Is that your company? I bet most of people would ask that and I'll tell them I pay 50 bucks every year for that page to keep you guys posted on my status. Funny huh?

I got my account in two years ago and this is my first post in a "serious" blog ...... What a long long time waiting! Apologize to my fans. :-)