Thursday, March 23, 2006

First post

Hooray !!!

In the past couple weeks, I've been perhaps the idlest guy in my team. As I'm approaching the submission of my thesis, I don't have much to do with new projects, paper deadlines, due presentations ... I'm just waiting for the feedback from my advisors on the thesis draft.

HOWEVER, I really did something BIG -- I got a domain name for my own (, got a place to host my new home page, got my personal page (mainly for photos so far, haven't got a clear idea to do with it), and got this blog ready to go. The reason to get a paid hosted home page is that Google seems not to provide home page hosting for employees coz I've seen a lot of googlers have their pages hosted with quite different domains. It's not that good for us researchers. Imagine you go to a conference and exchange your cards with others. You see others' home pages are usually or My home page is only about my name. Is that your company? I bet most of people would ask that and I'll tell them I pay 50 bucks every year for that page to keep you guys posted on my status. Funny huh?

I got my account in two years ago and this is my first post in a "serious" blog ...... What a long long time waiting! Apologize to my fans. :-)


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